No matter if you work as a City Parking operator, Airport parking, Shopping Center, Park & Ride, Ski Resort, or Attraction Park: The SKIDATA Solutions meet the needs of you and your parking customers. Selected examples are described here.

Ticket Advanced

Ticket Advanced Solution

Your comprehensive value-adding parking system

  • Full functionality and customization, full integration of third parties or additional systems
  • For maximum revenue from your car parks
Ticket Comfort

Ticket & Comfort Solution

Less effort, more customer comfort

  • Comfortable and fast access for registered customers
  • Provide opportunities for reading various data carriers for your returning guests

Ticketless Solution

Utilize license plates for the smoothest entry

  • License plate recognition replaces paper tickets
  • Payments and validations either prior to entry, on-site, or mobile

Freeflow Solution

Mobility without barriers

  • Your guests easily enter your cark park and either pay per use or conveniently from home
  • No barriers: no queuing in lines and maximum convenience for your guests

New ecommerce and digital payment products
to become a future-ready car park

Easy parking fee payment by mobile phone

  • no matter if at a city car park, shopping center or airport
  • no queuing in front of a payment machine
  • no App, no registration

Recommended for Parking Solutions: Ticket Advanced, Ticketless

Flexible and convenient "Pay Per Use" parking fee payment

  • for example at a city center parking
  • Skip the time in front of a payment machine
  • Sign up with your license plate and only pay for the accurate duration of each parking trip

Recommended for Parking Solutions: Ticket Advanced, Ticketless, Freeflow

Comfortable self-management of own parking contract

  • for example at Office Buildings, Airports, or Park & Rides
  • time and cost saving
  • business customers can comfortably administer parking rights of their whole fleet online
  • individual parkers can easily self-manage their parking contract online

Recommended for Parking Solutions: Ticket & Comfort, Freeflow

Simply park and Pay Later at home

  • no waiting time in front of a payment machine, no registration needed
  • Enjoy the smart parking experience and conveniently pay the parking fee at home, e.g. with your mobile phone

Possible in Freeflow